Our products are being used by many companies in the Financial and Construction sectors. We operate in over 6 different US states and support multiple configurations.


ASDS has developed multiple products that can be integrated into new or current software solutions depending on your needs. Our entire infrastructure is designed and implemented to scale up or down in size depending on customer workload requirements. For example, if a new customer needs programming assets, we simply add such required assets to our software methodologies. If a new customer requires technical support assets, we simply add these technical support assets to our telephone/email infrastructure.

Some our products include:
  • Office Bean:The office bean allows a java application to encapsulate full OpenOffice.org functionality inside a java Frame. Facilities are provided to store and retrieve documents from database and to print to any printer available to the java application.

  • Credit/Debit GL Engine: GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) Debit/Credit General Ledger (GL) Engine with complete financial statements and integrated reconciliation for any GL account.

  • Vanguard software: represents the state of the art in software for finance companies. It is designed to provide maximum control of your loan office operations. Powerful, yet easy to use, Vanguard meets the needs of the users in the branch office, as well as the needs of supervisors in the field and the executive in the home office, at an affordable price. For a full description of the software click here.
If you need more information about use and cost of these products please contact us, we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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