Our Vanguard system is designed to provide maximum control of your loan office operations. It is being used successfully in 6 different US states.


ASDS has successfully engaged multiple customers in the United States financial and construction sectors. Several key technologies in use by our customer base are:
  • Java based intelligent GUI client (Vanguard).
  • Open Source SQL database storage.
  • Open Source database replication technology.
  • Open Source Office suite seamless integration with Vanguard.
  • Integrated and traceable email and Instant messaging applications.
  • Internet access control via integrated Web browsing.
  • Full debit/credit accounting transaction engine.
  • Full United States Federal and State payroll support
  • Integrated reporting and charting solution.
  • Excel based implementation of misc. supervisory financial risk factors.
  • Mass distribution and re-implementation of Excel based reporting system.
  • Web development technologies such as: J2EE, Struts, MS ASP, etc.
  • Internet dynamic address tracking system via custom DNS servers.
Needless to say, these applications support mission critical operations for many of our customers and ensure day to day success. It is important to notice that the development of such technologies for live day to day use in businesses can be priced in the $2-$4 million USD range for markets that are 100% U.S. based. AFS/ASDS have been able to achieve such implementation at a small fraction of such cost.

We offer customer telephone/email support infrastructure via +1 (844) 255-9877 / service@afshq.com.com and our VOIP based telephone support personnel assists customers either from our San Antonio or Puebla locations. Our support personnel access Web based Wiki databases for proper customer resolution sequences. We do have a strict belief that every single call made to our support lines can be prevented via software/documentation improvements.

Our entire infrastructure is designed and implemented to scale up or down in size depending on customer workload requirements. For example, if a new customer needs programming assets, we simply add such required assets to our software methodologies. If a new customer requires technical support assets, we simply add these technical support assets to our telephone/email infrastructure.

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