Vanguard System

Vanguard is the type of software that you will need to operate your office efficiently for many years to come. We operate in over 6 different states and support multiple configurations. Our software has been retrofitted to use the latest technologies (post-2000) and features capabilities that no competitor currently offers.

Vanguard represents the state of the art in software for finance companies. It is designed to provide maximum control of your loan office operations. Powerful, yet easy to use, Vanguard meets the needs of the users in the branch office, as well as the needs of supervisors in the field and the executive in the home office, at an affordable price.

The system tracks all activity from Application through Pay Out and provides all the functionality needed to manage your finance company, including:

Fee/Refund Calculations
Loan Origination
Ancillary Products / Insurance
Solicitation Mailings
Delinquent Notices
General Ledger
Legal Charges
Check Writing Capabilities
NSF Charges
Checkbooks Management
Checkbooks Reconciliation
Write Offs
Multiple Cash Drawer Management
Comprehensive Financial/Delinquency Reporting
Customer Image Scanning
Integrated Word processing

The program is designed to be networked so you can run one or several computers in each branch. Integrated security controls access to the program and the functions available to each user.

All reports, contracts, letters, etc. can be printed using laser printers, eliminating the aggravation and cost of dealing with dot-matrix printers. We also support printing to pre-printed forms in order to save Laser printing Toner. No need to worry about alignment problems, Everything prints where it is supposed to.

All financial information is integrated with a GAAP compliant Debit/Credit General Ledger system for complete and accurate accounts of all branch receipts and expenses. The system tracks up to nine cash drawers and unlimited number of other assets and liability accounts such as checkbooks, credit cards, money market accounts, etc. While the software operates within the branch, we have designed a Home Office “Mirror” system that will cause all data in the branch office to be mirrored in a Home Office server in real time. If a note is written in the branch at 11:36:01am in the branch, it will be transmitted within seconds to the home office, automatically.

All reports can be automatically emailed to any recipient needing access to them. Supervisors can connect to a branch or mirror server from anywhere in the Internet, and perform any action as if they were in the branch or home office computer. All branch information is kept in secure databases, which makes storage very efficient, years of company reports that used to take rooms and buildings for storage, is now kept in your servers and backed up to small CD's.

You can view some Vanguard System Screenshots to learn more about the system.

We are proud of our support team and we believe our customers will tell you that we are there when they need us with the answers they need. Our support line is accessible 8-8 weekdays and 8:30-3:30 weekends. When you have a question or a problem, we can remotely connect to the computer in the branch over the internet. Once connected, it's just like we were there in the office. We can see what you see and even control your computer from our office. The remote connection is secure and can only be implemented at the request of the user. When changes are made to the software, updates are instantly available over the Internet.

In most cases we can convert data from your existing system to ours. We have already written utilities to convert from several systems. If you have a different system, chances are we will be able to convert your data so there is no need to key in your old customer records.

Vanguard is written using the state of the art Java programming language, the industry standard programming language. It employs the PostgresQL Open Source database, the OpenOffice Open Source office suite and the latest Micrsoft Windows Operating systems (our cloud servers and home office mirrors run Linux). The use of these Open Source alternatives, provide the most stable, dependable and powerful data platform available for this type of operation.

Speed is of the essence in the offices so we recomment at least a modern PC at least 2 Ghz processor and 2 GB of memory. The more memory you have, the happier your customers will be. A high speed Internet connection is recommended for replication, home office mirror and service purposes. We recommend Brother and HP Laserjet printers for reliability and performance, but most laser printers or combination of printers will work with the program. The program has built-in drivers for the HP family of Multifunction Scanner so your office can capture any customer related documentation into the computer. Fingerprint scanning is done using the SecureGen FBI approved line of readers. Caontact us for more details.

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